Neriaצילום: אביתר קצב

Hundreds of coronavirus tests were conducted at a Bnei Akiva school in Neria last week in order to allow the students to go on a school trip in safety. However, a mistake in how the tests were conducted led to 300 people being wrongly sent into quarantine.

The National Health Insurance Fund was enlisted to help conduct the tests, which found that dozens of students were positive for the coronavirus.

Neria spokesman Oved Perel, told Yediot Aharonot: "Immediately about 300 people went into isolation and two entire grades of the school were shut down. A high percentage of vaccinated. However, we had suspicions about the results because the girls were in capsules, were very strict about all the rules, as are all the community's residents in general, and there is a high percentage of vaccinated people. So we asked the council to reexamine the matter."

Neria Mayor Yisrael Gantz got involved and new tests were conducted, which showed that there was not a single case of coronavirus among the students.

The National Health Fund said that "in the first run of tests there was probably a technical failure that caused an error and was not identified before the results were distributed."