Hospitalized patient (illustrative)
Hospitalized patient (illustrative)iStock

The condition of three new mothers hospitalized in Beilinson Hospital has improved.

The three women have been hospitalized for several weeks after being infected with coronavirus. During their hospital stays, they were delivered of their babies, placed on ECMO machines, and declared to be in danger of their lives.

Hospital staff fought hard to preserve the mothers' lives, and in recent days, the women were detached from the ECMO and ventilation machines, and transferred to the hospital's internal medicine wards in good condition.

The women have been identified as a 33-year-old from Jerusalem who arrived in serious condition during her 31st week of pregnancy; a 35-year-old woman who was transferred from Laniado Hospital during her 31st week of pregnancy; and a 40-year-old woman in her 28th week of pregnancy.

In the coming days, all three women are expected to be transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, from where they are expected to return home.

One of the babies has been released home, while the other two are still hospitalized at the Schneider Children's Medical Center.

Dr. Ilya Kagan, who heads the hospital's coronavirus ICU, said Saturday night: "These are the emotional moments in which we see the rewards for our efforts. We worked night and day to treat these women. We fought for their lives and did not stop for even a second. We didn't allow the moments of despair to win."

"I am happy to see them breathing on their own and smiling, communicating with their partners and communicating with their families. They are receiving physiotherapy treatments, and soon they will begin rehabilitation. One of the women has already seen her baby in the NICU at Schneider Children's Medical Center. After such an extended process, these women, their families, and our staff are just happy."

Professor Arnon Viznitzer, director of the women's hospital, said: "There was a strong battle here surrounding saving the lives of each of these women. There were moments which were not easy with regards to their treatment, but we did not lose hope. I am happy that thanks to determination and professional abilities, we have succeeded in reaching this moment. From here, I again call on every pregnant women to go and get vaccinated. This is important, it saves lives."