Commando soldiers
Commando soldiersPhoto by Yuval Caspi/Israel Army Spokesperson

The findings were presented Wednesday in the investigation into an incident where an IDF soldier's weapon was stolen last week. The findings were presented to Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi by the head of the IDF Central Command, General Tamir Yadai.

The investigation showed that the soldier left the IDF's Commando School ear Shfar'am in northern Israel Wednesday night for "lone navigation" and at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Thursday morning noticed a suspicious vehicle with two figures in it. The vehicle approached from behind him, following as he walked on the dirt path.

The suspects eventually left their vehicle and attacked the soldier, who fought them off for several minutes before they succeeded in stealing his weapon.

The two then fled the scene with their vehicle and the soldier's weapon. The soldier then called his commanders, who arrived a few minutes later. They provided first aid to the soldier and together with him attempted to chase after the suspects without success.

The findings of the investigation were that the soldier acted appropriately, fighting off the attackers to the best of his ability and doing everything in his power t prevent the theft of his weapon.

The investigation did not fault the soldier, as he did not realize he was in any danger until the suspects began to attack and he acted in accordance with IDF guidelines and procedures during "lone navigation."

Chief of Staff Kochavi accepted the conclusions of the investigation and stated that "lone navigation" training is an important component in building the professionalism and mental resilience required of any soldier. He further stated that the regulations for the discharge of weapons are tailored to the needs and allow the brigade commander to determine the condition of the weapon during navigation, allow for the soldier to arrest a suspect attempting to steal a weapon, and allow for soldiers to open fire if they feel their lives are in danger.