Yeshiva students learn in wake of COVID
Yeshiva students learn in wake of COVIDYossi Zeliger/Flash90

Coronavirus czar for the haredi community Major-General (Res.) Roni Numa on Wednesday morning expressed optimism regarding the decreasing infection rate in the haredi sector.

"We have reasons to be optimistic, but not too much," he told Kol Barama Radio. "The signs are showing that we passed Purim in a better fashion than we thought."

Numa also spoke about the plan for reopening yeshivas, noting that it is working very well and is very effective.

"In recent months, the yeshiva plan has been found to be very effective, with a low infection rate. Yeshiva students are getting vaccinated at a fast pace, and on this front we can be calm," he said.

Last week, it was reported that just 6% of serious coronavirus cases were among haredim.