Netanyahu and Gamliel on polluted beach in Ashdod
Netanyahu and Gamliel on polluted beach in AshdodKobi Gideon/GPO

The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health update that in recent days, normal results have been obtained from seawater sampling, after tar contamination, and therefore it is possible to carry out routine sports activities in the water.

Regarding activity on the bathing beaches, it was reported that in some of the beaches, cleaning operations were completed, and the amount of tar was found to be normal. The beaches where activity is allowed are:

  • Asher Council: Betzet.
  • Nahariya: Galei Galil North, Galei Galil Darom.
  • Acco: Argaman, Tmarim.
  • Hefer Valley: Beit Yanai, Neurim.
  • Netanya: Kiryat Sanz, Haonot, Argaman.
  • Herzliya: Nof Yam, Hasharon, Zevulun, Acadia North, Acadia South, Acadia Center, HaKochavim, the separate beach.
  • Tel Aviv: Tel Baruch South Station 1, Hatzuk Station 1, Hatzuk Station 2, Nordau Mtzitzim, Nordau Separate, Hilton North Beach, Allenby Jerusalem Beach, Charles Clor, Givat Aliya, Gordon, Frishman, Bograshov.
  • Bat Yam: Jerusalem Beach, Hasela A - Station 1, Hasela B - Station 2, Hasela C - Station 3, for example, Riviera.
  • Rishon Lezion: Blue Station 1, Neve Hof Station 2, Hofit Station 3, Tel Yona Station 4, Hayeladim Station 5, Separate Station 6.
  • Gan Raveh: Palmachim.
  • Ashdod: Lido, Oranim, Keshatot, Riviera.
  • Ashkelon: Delilah North, Delilah South, Separate, Ashkelon National Park, Bar Kochba North, Bar Kochba South.
  • Ashkelon Beach: Zikim, Nitzanim.

For the other beaches as well as beaches where additional tar has settled, the cleaning and monitoring operations are ongoing, and the public is asked not to attend activities on the bathing beaches.

Government Ministries emphasize that in most beaches the bathing season has not yet begun, and that bathing on undeclared beaches is prohibited (there are no rescue services). In addition, the ministries say that it is possible to later reach the beaches where a certain amount of tar has sunk near the shallow water.