Chabad yeshiva students in the Tzfat yeshiva in 2019
Chabad yeshiva students in the Tzfat yeshiva in 2019Photo by David Cohen/Flash90:

A new Chabad yeshiva will be opened in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The yeshiva will be the neighborhood's first, and will serve the English speakers.

Attending the Sunday night meeting initiated by the community were Rabbi Binyamin Mendelson, Rabbi Chaim Eliyahu Gluckowsky, yeshiva founder Rabbi Chaim Ma'as, yeshiva dean Rabbi Shimon Garboz, and Rabbi Elchanan Cohen.

The yeshiva, which is expected to open soon, will be unique in that it is intended for English speakers and its base will be the children of Chabad emissaries who live abroad.

"This is refreshing news, since the boys who come to study in our developing neighborhood will meet with the community on a daily basis and become part of the outreach community in the neighborhood," Rabbi Mendelson said.

"We are excited and await the opening of the yeshiva and the arrival of the precious students who will come live near us."