Weapons found in possession of the two suspects
Weapons found in possession of the two suspectsIsrael Police spokesperson

At the conclusion of a complex investigation, the Israel Police on Sunday evening arrested two Arabs who attacked a fighter from the IDF’s Egoz Unit near Shfar'am and stole his weapon.

The two suspects, aged 25, residents of the village of Ibtin, were arrested inside an apartment in which they were hiding near the village of Zubaydat with ammunition in their possession.

They will be brought before the Magistrates Court in Nazareth on Monday morning for a hearing on the police's request to extend their detention.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night during navigation near Shfar'am in northern Israel.

The soldier left for "lone navigation" and at approximately 3:00a.m. noticed a suspicious vehicle with two figures in it. The vehicle approached from behind him, following as he walked on the dirt path.

Coming to a halt near the soldier, the driver asked if he needed a ride, but the soldier continued to advance, and the vehicle stopped again, this time lengthwise. After the soldier had walked another 300 meters, he saw that two Arab suspects were approaching him from behind on foot.

The two tried to take the soldier's weapon from him, and the soldier struggled physically to fight them off. During the fight, the soldier threw his magazine into the bushes at the side of the road. For five minutes, the soldier fought the suspects, until one of them succeeded in stealing his weapon.

The two then fled the scene with their vehicle and the soldier's weapon. The soldier then called his commanders, who began running towards him. They notified the police and began searching the area in an attempt to locate those suspected of stealing the weapon.

The soldier suffered an injury to his hand and face, and required medical attention.