Jewish wedding (illustration)
Jewish wedding (illustration)iStock
As Israel prepares to loosen its coronavirus restrictions and open up restaurants and event halls which will allow for larger gatherings and weddings, the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization announced that only vaccinated rabbis will be allowed to conduct ceremonies.

Tzohar is involved with helping coordinate thousands of marriage ceremonies each year, with many officiated by volunteer rabbis arranged by the organization.

“The last thing we would want is that weddings which should be defined by holiness and a sense of family should serve to help spread the virus,” said Rabbi David Stav, who chairs Tzohar.

The organization, which also facilitates premarital counselling, also asked that unvaccinated bridal counsellors should not hold in-person meetings.

“We know that in the coming days and weeks we'll be blessed to see a large increase in the number of weddings. By taking the proper precautions and abiding by the Health Ministry regulations, we can make sure that these events will be ones of only happiness and health,” Rabbi Stav said.