Mount Hermon
Mount HermonBasel Awidat, פלאש 90

Following continued rainfall, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) continues to rise, and on Monday morning stood just 49.5 centimeters below the upper red line marking the lake's maximum capacity - up from 70 centimeters below maximum capacity just over ten days ago.

Monday's weather will be partly cloudy or cloudy, and temperatures will drop. There may be intermittent local rainfall in northern and central Israel, and the winds, Mediterranean, will blow south to southwest.

Tuesday's weather will be partly cloudy, and there may be light local rainfall in northern Israel. On Tuesday night, rain will fall in both northern and central Israel.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy or cloudy, with intermittent rainfall in northern and central Israel. According to Meteo-Tech, there will be harsh winds and a drop in temperatures, and snow will fall on Mount Hermon.

Thursday morning will see local rainfall from northern Israel to the northern Negev, and there is a chance of flooding in the Judean Desert and Jordan Valley. The rain will gradually lessen during the afternoon.

Friday will be partly cloudy or clear, with a slight rise in temperatures.