fishצילום: מרסלו סוס, פלאש 90

The Health Ministry has responded to the tar pollution which has ravaged Israel's coastline,

According to a statement issued tonight (Wednesday) in light of the environmental pollution in the Mediterranean, which is reflected in the amount of tar found on the shores of Israel's western coast in recent days, the Health Ministry has decided not to allow the marketing and sale of fish and marine animals caught in the Mediterranean until further notice.

"Although no findings have been received so far indicating the danger posed by fish consumption, for the sake of precaution, fish samples are being sent to Agriculture Ministry laboratories to rule out the presence of various contaminant residues," the statement said.

The professional teams in the Health and Agriculture Ministries today issued a letter to the fishing community and fish marketers in the Mediterranean regarding the ban on marketing until further notice.

The regulating of fish consumption is carried out by both ministries, from fishing to fish consumption. As part of the division of powers, the Agriculture Ministry is responsible for supervising local fisheries and the Health Ministry is responsible for supervising the marketing of fish.