They simply won’t let go, will they.

There is a sickness in the land and Trump Derangement Syndrome is its name.

They have tried everything else – next?

Now they are qvelling over the Supreme Court ruling that after years of peekaboo, finally permits his tax returns to be examined by New York prosecutors.

Why the thrills? That’s right…it’s how the Law got Al Capone.

They’re dreaming that this will finally…finally what? What exactly do they want from this guy Trump? How many different ways can you skin a man alive?

What’s in it for the rest of us if even they do find something amiss with his taxes? Nothing. Zero.

If they prove that he finagled, yeah, so? What’s it got to do with the price of tomatoes…or the fact that kids can’t go to school because of the pandemic.

Parents with kids underfoot as they try to make a living don’t give a hoot about Trump’s taxes, nor of the Dems fixation about it all, nor if they get their man or not.

Who cares!

Anybody notice that a few days ago NASA landed a rover on Mars? That kind of stuff used to get round the clock coverage. America cheered.

Now it gets a headline or two, and Dems cheer that they’ve got their hands on Trump’s taxes. That’s the big story.

Precisely what is the complaint? Why this pursuit when they got what they wanted. They got their guy to replace Trump in the White House.

Happy Days for them, but apparently not happy enough until they bloody up Trump.

Crimes and Misdemeanors?

What was his crime at getting us energy independent, and what was his misdemeanor doing what is right for Israel while stabilizing the Middle East?

No thanks, says Biden, whose bright idea is to undo it all, simply to deny Trump, and America, and Israel, the satisfaction.

America First? Not for Team Biden. Iran First, and the Palestinian Arabs a close second. Israel? Israel can sit by the phone and wait.

Not that Israel is starved for attention. She has her own priorities. She can also wait…and now especially with the Abraham Accords, she too can play hard-to-get. Thanks to Trump.

For his entire term as president they smeared Trump with the Russia hoax. Then again and again they tried impeachment, but failed to convict.

Trump, they hollered, was a Russian agent. Trump? Trump is as American as baseball and apple pie.

Maybe too American for them, and that’s their problem with him. Or maybe too New York. That New York swagger. That New York bluntness…” hey, I’m walking here.” That New York sense of greatness…all the way from Babe Ruth. That New York brashness that shakes them up where small minds meet small towns.

His Damon Runyon wise-guy sense of humor…the kibitzing perfect for Katz’s Deli…riled them. They couldn’t figure him out, so they set out to ruin him.

The kibitzing they never got. Humor? At this moment in the life of America? Rather, check your privilege and be miserable.

He flopped whenever he tried to do Don Rickles…in front of that crowd of uptight journalists?

January 6 was indeed a mistake and a lapse of good judgment on Trump’s part.

But the chase was on from the moment he stepped off that escalator and announced himself a candidate for president…and not as a saint.

Brings to mind Cornell Wilde in the movie “The Naked Prey,” where the headhunters let him loose for the sport of tracking him and hunting him down.

Is that what this is? Feels like it all right.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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