At its meeting tonight (Tuesday), the government approved a night curfew starting this Thursday for three days, in order to prevent Purim celebrations from taking place.

Blue and White ministers supported the proposal, with the exception of Culture Minister Hili Troper, who abstained from voting following a confrontation with Netanyahu over performances during the lockdown.

At the same time, the ministers decided to postpone the decision to open the education system to the cabinet meeting next week.

The night curfew will begin Thursday, Friday, and Shabbat night at 8:30 pm and end on Friday, Shabbat, and Sunday at 5:00 am.

At the beginning of the cabinet meeting, the prime minister explained that the decision on a night curfew was intended to prevent parties and a loss of control over COVID-19.

"We do not want it to be like the previous Purim and I am sure we can prevent it. There are various requests to discuss opening education, we will start discussing it today and we will continue to discuss it on Monday. We will make an informed decision on the issue," Netanyahu said.

Earlier today, Netanyahu said during a tour of the vaccination complex in the city of Acre, "We are still competing against the virus and the raging mutation. For this purpose, we must go through the next few days as we vaccinate the at-risk population and complete the vaccination campaign.

"Therefore, I will enter the government tonight and we will make decisions to prevent what happened last Purim, we do not want it to happen again," he added.