Arutz Sheva spoke to Religious Zionist Party candidate Simcha Rottman about illegal immigration, the courts, and his party's goals.

Rottman related to his party's program on immigration. "We want to change what's called 'the grandson clause' in the Law of Return", Rottman explained, "because this past year, it was the first year that most of the people who came to Israel, even those using the Law of Return, most of them were not Jewish. I’m not talking even about being halakhically Jewish, it’s talking about not identifying themselves as Jews".

“This 'grandson clause', that was passed for historical reason, has served its time", he added and said that the clause brought immigrants who "don't feel part of the Jewish people".

"They're coming for different reasons", Rottman explained, "so we suggested to change that".

Rottman says that the prarty's program calls for changing the 'passport law' passed by Liberman’s party, Yisrael Beyteinu. According to this law, he explained, people that come to Israel immediately receive an Israeli passport. "So some people come from different countries, get an Israeli passport and use it for bad reasons", he added.

Regarding the illegal infiltrators issue, Rottman said that his party suggests establishing a special section in the government to take to take care of this issue.

He emphasized that the action against the illegal infiltrators will not include humanitarian cases. "Anyone who is a refugee, anyone who is running for his life and needs shelter - is not a problem; that was never the problem".

“The problem is people that are coming here because Israel is a very good place to live in", Rottman explained, "We are very happy to be in the place that has people come to our country because it's a good place to live".

Regarding the continuous tension between the judicial authorities and the government, Rottman said: “We see it around the world, with basically the problem of some kind of elite group that does not accept the majority. Because the majority, definitely in Israel, but also in other countries around the world, is made up of people who have a strong feeling for their nation, for their family, for their identity; they don't want to live in a world where everything is one color of grey. Most people want to live their lives with family, with strong family, a strong nation, with strong religious institutions; that's what most people look for. And the elites in many countries around the world,don't like it."