Hasidic young men arrive in Ben Gurion Airport (illustrative)
Hasidic young men arrive in Ben Gurion Airport (illustrative)Flash 90

The heads of the Chul Mehudar Group responded to what they called the "false, slanderous" claims publicized this morning in Haaretz, according to which return flights to Israel were packed with haredim due to preferential treatment.

“Rescue flights from New York and Frankfurt are open to all purchasers in a manner that is transparent and equal. The ticketing system is completely oblivious to the appearance or background of the purchaser,” said Dudi Rubinstein, co-manager of Chul Mehudar.

In addition, he said, most haredim book their tickets with travel agents who go the extra mile for their customers, working around the clock 24/6 to ensure that they overcome every last hurdle until they board their flights.

“Haredim have no representation in the Exceptions Committee, and their requests are subject to acceptance or rejection just like everyone else,” said Rubinstein.

“Similarly, criteria for a compulsory stay at a corona hotel are set by the Health Ministry,” he added. “Those who already had corona (and a large percentage of haredim are in this category), as well as those who were vaccinated are exempt. Everyone else must go to a corona hotel.”

Simchi Weinberg, co-manager of Chul Mehudar, reinforced this point. “Anyone, no matter if he is haredi or national religious, must proceed to a corona hotel unless they’re in the category of ‘recovered’ or ‘vaccinated.’ It’s a shame that anti haredi slander has reached such low levels.”