Sputnuk vaccines
Sputnuk vaccinesCOGAT spokesperson

Israel on Wednesday passed 1,000 coronavirus vaccines from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to Gaza, with the approval of the country's political echelon.

The Russian Sputnik vaccines were transferred to Gaza at the request of the Palestinian Authority, via the Bitonya Crossing, and then via the Erez Crossing.

The vaccines, donated by Russia, are part of a shipment of 5,000 vaccines requested by the PA.

The Palestinian Authority had previously asked to transfer 2,000 of its vaccines to Gaza, but Israel approved the transfer of just 1,000 doses.

On Tuesday, Yusuf al-Hassaina, a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, blasted Israel for refusing to allow coronavirus vaccines to be transferred to Gaza, saying the move expresses the true "detestable" face of the "criminal entity" and amounts to a "war crime" against the Palestinian people.

He also accused Israel of acting like an "organized crime entity committing crimes against humanity," while criticizing the international community for refraining from taking deterrent measures against it.