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The Health Ministry today published data on COVID-19 morbidity in Israeli adolescents by age, period of infection, and severity of the disease.

Channel 13 News reports that since the outbreak of the epidemic, 1,787 0-to-18-year-olds who had contracted the virus were hospitalized, 100 of these in serious or critical condition, and nine have died of the disease.

In the age group of 0-4, a total of 1,021 infants and toddlers were hospitalized. From November to the present, 564 were hospitalized - nine times as many as in the months of March to June, when 63 were hospitalized. Between July and October, 394 of this age group were hospitalized. In total, 925 people aged 0-4 were hospitalized in mild condition since the beginning of the outbreak to the present day, with 57 in moderate condition, 36 in severe and critical condition. Three died after falling ill, all three from November onwards.

From March to the present day, 389 children aged 5-14 were admitted to various hospitals, most of them (180) between July and October. From November onwards there were 176, while between March and June, only 33 were hospitalized. In all, 342 have fallen ill with moderate symptoms, 24 in moderate condition, 19 in serious condition, and four have died.