Religious Zionist Party
Religious Zionist PartySpokesman and Arutz Sheva

The Religious Zionist Party is launching its election campaign tonight (Monday) in a Zoom event with the participation of party candidates and one of the chief rabbis of Religious Zionism, Rabbi Chaim Drukman.

Party Chairman MK Betzalel Smotrich said "the State of Israel needs a national religious party that is not ashamed or confused. A party that proudly carries its teachings and its sons and daughters.

"Coronavirus does not cause to disappear the other challenges of the State, and does not obscure disagreements. Do not listen to those who tell you that a government can be formed with the Left that will actually only deal with the economy. Our friends who refuse to commit to a Right-leaning government, take us on a dangerous adventure.

"The State of Israel went through two difficult years with four election campaigns and dysfunctional governments. It is possible in the upcoming election campaign to put an end to this. It is possible to win and establish a Jewish, Rightist, and Zionist government. Such a government could not be Rightist without the Religious Zionist Party."