Yeshiva students learn in wake of COVID
Yeshiva students learn in wake of COVIDYossi Zeliger/Flash90

A number of haredi yeshiva deans have penned an open letter to students urging them to get the coronavirus vaccine.

The call to action was published in the haredi newspaper Yated Neeman and a number of pamphlets distributed within the haredi sector.

“Given the serious situation of coronavirus infections in the Land of Israel and around the entire world,” the letter reads, “when in many homes there are sick people, some very ill - men and women and even some young people – and some of the sick have even died, including great leaders…we are commanded at this time to increase our prayers and pleas to God to remove this pandemic from us and to strengthen our diligence in the Torah.”

“In order to protect oneself from harm and to also to avoid harming others…therefore there is a great obligation to take every possible precaution.”

“We are obliged to obey the regulations from our rabbis…and yeshiva deans who instructed students to get the vaccine against COVID, which, accordng to doctors, is safe to use.”

“Therefore, we call on all married students [Avrechim] who can to follow the doctors’ advice and get vaccinated.”

The letter was written at the behest of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein who have instructed the public to recieve the Covid-19 vaccination at any age.