Batsheva Baruch
Batsheva BaruchShaarei Zedek Spokesman

Batsheva Baruch, 28, from Jerusalem, tested COVID-19 positive at week 31 of her pregnancy. During her home isolation she began to develop respiratory distress and was urgently rushed to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

She arrived at the Keter Intensive Care Unit at the medical center where she was treated by a multidisciplinary team that was called including intensive care physicians and maternal and neonatal specialists at the medical center, with constant monitoring of the fetus.

"After a long hospitalization, efforts were made to stabilize Batsheva's condition and maintain her health while paying attention to the important challenge before us, which is preserving the pregnancy and the health of the fetus. Batsheva was released from the hospital in good condition today. We will be even more happy to accompany her in the birth that will take place on time," explains Dr. Yigal Halvitz, a senior physician in the intensive care unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Prof. Surina Grisero, director of the maternity ward at the medical center, added that "the main effort was to treat and provide respiratory support for Batsheva while closely monitoring the fetus, even on days when she was a candidate for ventilation.

"This is an exciting day for us because, there were days when Batsheva's condition was difficult and discussions were held while raising the possibility of delivering the baby in a cesarean birth. We did everything to preserve the pregnancy and her respiratory condition improved. Fortunately, patience and constant supervision paid off. We are continuing to monitor the pregnancy and we will be happy to meet again, this time with the healthy baby," said Prof. Grisero.

The couple said excitedly, "We thought we had already reached the end and then a miracle happened. We thank G-d and the staff at Shaarei Zedek who gave the desire to live and get better."