Smotrich, Moshe
Smotrich, MosheNoam Nasimi, David Weill

The Jewish Home Party, which is a member of the Yamina Party, petitioned the Central Election Commission against the Religious Zionist Party for using that name.

Jewish Home claims that members of the Religious Zionist Party are not really representatives of religious Zionism.

The Religious Zionist Party responded: "Since King Solomon's famous case, the mother who claims 'he will then be to neither of us' proves that she is not the real mother and that the good of the matter is not before her eyes but jealousy, hatred, and competition.

"The few who are left of Jewish Home activists are engaged in a campaign of revenge after preferring to give up running for the Knesset, as long as there's no real unity. They're doing everything to harm the only religious Zionist party left to care for the national religious public, its values, enterprises, and needs.

"We have legal opinions on the subject and we are sure that the frivolous petition will be rejected. It is strange that a party calling itself the National Religious Party wants to disqualify a list calling itself the Religious Zionist Party, in response.

Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed, one of the senior rabbis in religious Zionism and head of the Beit El Yeshiva, yesterday called on the Yamina parties of Naftali Bennett and "Religious Zionism" of Smotrich and Ben Gvir to treat each other with respect despite the controversy.

"I really wanted for Yamina and Religious Zionism to run together. The sages said that when we go together we are successful, and unity is always a good thing and especially in our public. If they separate there will be disagreements within families because the opinions are so close and therefore I thought it right to go together. Everyone strives for the same things, the Land of Israel, the Torah of Israel, the Nation of Israel. Those emphasizing one thing, others emphasizing another, but the common denominator being great, and especially in the common work in the Knesset, its very very great. There was no reason to go and separate," said the rabbi.

"I think I, and not just me but a very large public, wish and pray that the two parties will respect each other, not taunt each other G-d forbid, and each should emphasize his special way, and the voter will choose. And together they will bring good to the people of Israel and increase the honor of heaven," Rabbi Melamed added.

הרב זלמן מלמד על שתי מפלגות הימין