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Beilinson Hospital today reported an improvement in the condition of the 35-year-old mother who was transferred in critical condition from Laniado Hospital about three weeks ago and gave birth at 31 weeks.

Coronavirus Intensive Care Unit Director Dr. Ilya Kagan said: "In light of the improvement in her lung function, the mother was disconnected from the ventilator machine. She is now on respiration and sedation in the cardiopulmonary intensive care unit."

Beilinson notes the condition of another 33-year-old mother who arrived from Jerusalem and gave birth at week 31 about a month is also improving, but she is still connected to a ventilator machine.

The condition of preterm infants hospitalized in the Schneider Center for Pediatrics preemie unit is improving. Their condition is defined as stable and they do not require respiration.

The mother was initially hospitalized at Laniado Hospital but "after being tested for the virus a rapid deterioration in her condition began" and it was decided to transfer her to Beilinson where the hospital specialists decided to ventilate due to her difficult condition and urgently deliver the baby via Caesarean.