Netanyahu in court
Netanyahu in courtFlash 90

Settlement and former Yesha Council head Pinchas Wallerstein is convinced that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's sentence has already been determined by the State Attorney's Office and the media.

"To Binyamin Netanyahu: Do you really believe you'll get a fair trial? There's no chance; you aren't naïve. Ehud Barak said this most clearly. 'The role of the court is not to do justice, but to maintain the structural order of society'," Wallerstein wrote on Facebook.

"Wow, what's the 'structural order of society'? Who decides what the structural arrangement is? If I had said that, they would probably have prosecuted me for incitement."

According to Wallerstein, Netanyahu's judges are influenced by the voices around them: "The judges sit among their nation. They are aware of sounds and sights, and these plays affect them. They have an agenda; you're impeding them. The media and milieu in the State Attorney's Office have already judged you. Their national position is different from yours. They have a problem with the definition of the Jewish nation.

"Any judge who dares acquit you has no more chance of promotion. I'm sorry but this is the justice system in my country. It is naïve to think that the 'only not Bibi' campaign is meant to put pressure on you. It is designed to make sure that the judges know what decision is required of them.

"I don't know whether you're guilty or not. There's certainly no chance that your innocence will emerge in the current lynch atmosphere," the former Yesha Council head added.