Shopping centers throughout Israel opened today (Sunday), despite the fact that this was not approved by the government and contrary to guidelines. In the "Big" and "Melisron" retail groups, about 75% of the stores are open. The commercial networks decided for themselves whether to open in full or in part, and whether to offer in-store pickup. The ‘Big’ group stated that "strict adherence to coronavirus guidelines is maintained and the number of individuals in the stores are controlled."

In ‘Big’ Krayot, for example, more than 80% of the stores have opened, including the chains Shekem Electric, Optica Halperin, Animal World, Burger Ranch, Aroma, Pizza Hut and clothing stores such as Fox, Castro, Renoir and Crazy Line.

Six weeks after Israel entered the third lockdown, some of the restrictions expired and the first step towards recovery was taken. According to the government's decision, this includes the abolition of the 1,000-meter distance limit from the house, as well as the ban on staying at another person's home. Workplaces that do not have customers will be opened, as well as workplaces where people work in a "one-on-one" format, such as hairdressers and beauty salons.

In addition, takeout from restaurants is now allowed, B & Bs will be opened to host close families only, and nature reserves and national parks will be opened for visitors. The Cabinet will soon convene for another meeting, at which the issue of opening street shops, malls and markets will be discussed. A decision will also be made regarding educational institutions. The restrictions that remain in place, for now, are the guidelines for gatherings: up to five people indoors, and 10 in open spaces. Ben Gurion Airport also remains closed.

Last night, Finance Minister Israel Katz stated in an interview with News 13 that no further lockdowns would be imposed on Israel: "I can guarantee that this is the last lockdown - for sure."

In contrast, COVID-19 crisis manager Prof. Nachman Ash presented a more cautious forecast. "If we go ahead with reopening of the education system - there remains a chance for a fourth lockdown.”