Nitsana Darshan-Leitner
Nitsana Darshan-LeitnerShurat Hadin

The Shurat HaDin legal organization responded Saturday night to the International Criminal Court's (ICC) decision paving the way for Israel to be investigated for "war crimes."

In the organization's response, Nitsana Darshan Leitner, founder and president of Shurat HaDin, said: "For over six years we have been warning of the danger that resides in Hague. We have repeatedly tested the impartially of the ICC, by bringing numerous complaints against hideous War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity which have committed by the Palestinian authority officials and others - only to be totally ignored."

"Reading the biased submission of the prosecutor - distorting history and law in order to accept the Palestinian narrative to the conflict and ignoring terror against Israeli men, women and children - we have filled to our submissions to the court.

"Again, we have been ignored, with no material response given to the cries of the Israeli victims and the Jewish communities that have been forced from their homes which we represented.

"Nothing will change the fact that the ICC lacks both legal jurisdiction and competence to rule on the rights of the sides to the conflict and that its decision yesterday disregards both facts and law. We are far from saying our last words on this issue. We shall continue to stand for the rights of Israel, Israeli soldiers and the victims of the Palestinian terror. Nothing will stop us, until truth shall triumph."