Benny Gantz speaking with activists
Benny Gantz speaking with activistsElad Malka

In a Zoom conference attended by thousands of Blue and White activists, party chairman Benny Gantz presented Blue and White’s slate for the 24th Knesset.

Also in attendence were Minister of Immigration and Absorption Pnina Tamano-Shata, Minister of Agriculture Alon Schuster, and Minister of Tourism Orit Farkash Hacohen.

Gantz opened by sharing sympathies with the more than 5,000 families who lost love ones to corona. He vowed that Blue and White would continue working tirelessly to fight the pandemic and to provide support to the medical teams who save lives every day.

"We are fighting from within government for what Israel needs", Gantz said, "When necessary, we support lockdowns, even though they’re difficult, but we also need more balanced and sustainable plans of action. Netanyahu has one plan of action: remain permanent prime minister of a permanent transitional government. As far as Netanyahu’s concerned, we could keep going to sixth and seventh election rounds. Blue and White as a party, and I myself, as alternate prime minister, are the only thing in his way. I am Netanyahu's expiration date. We are strong, and we will continue to grow and will wield influence in which government forms. We will make sure that the government formed after the election is led by someone upright, and that its interests reflect those of the people of Israel.

"We entered Netanyahu's government and turned it into Israel’s government at a time of major crisis", he added, "We took control of half of the government and have advocated consistently on behalf of the country’s best interests".

"From within government, we denied Netanyahu immunity. If we hadn’t been heading the Ministry of Justice and other ministries, he would have secured lifetime immunity by now".

"We prevented annexation", Gantz explained, "and protected Israel’s status as a Jewish and democratic state. Yes, we have rights in the Land of Israel, but the Palestinians exist too, and we must pursue separation, while protecting our security".

"Preventing annexation paved the way for peace. I traveled to the United States and met the Defense Secretary on three separate occasions, to guarantee that peace would in fact be achieved, while, at the same time, making sure that our security and military edge would be protected".

"We are fighting for Israel’s needs", he concluded, "During Corona times, too, our aim is to strike the right balance".