Haredi man holds the Covid-19 vaccine
Haredi man holds the Covid-19 vaccineDavid Cohen/Flash90

The coronavirus mutations spreading across Israel have lead to a wave of infections and deaths, leading the Health Ministry has called on the Israeli public to protect themselves and each other by wearing masks, refraining from attending gatherings which spread the virus, and getting vaccinated.

In notices published in haredi media, the Health Ministry's Haredi Headquarters emphasizes the message that "we can only succeed together" and attempts to encourage each person to rise above outside influences and focus on each person's personal interest: protecting himself and his family from contracting coronavirus, and thereby protecting the entire population, which yearns to return to normal life.

The notices emphasize that the only way to return to normalcy is by protecting oneself by wearing a mask, receiving the vaccine, and avoiding gatherings.

"In the past week, we have all been aware of the dialogue in which each blames and harshly accuses the other," the Haredi Headquarters said in a statement. "In order to overcome the high infection rate, we need to remember that we are all in this together, and if each person makes sure to protect himself, everyone will benefit. If we are careful about the most basic protective measures and we get vaccinated, then with G-d's help we will beat the virus."