Smotrich explains his silence
Smotrich explains his silenceScreenshot

These days of compiling the lists are complex days. We embarked on a new/old path of establishing one large and united religious Zionist party.

No more last-minute forced mergers; our goal is to form one broad, comradely, and united party. One that will contain all the shades, give them expression, and allow them to feel at home together.

I've been hearing claims against me in the last few days. Some even accuse me of arrogance and partisanship. And it stings, and hurts, and hurts a lot. It happens that unlike others who run campaigns and negotiations in the media, I have decided to remain silent.

This is my most central insight from the three previous election rounds, in which we humiliated ourselves and especially the public by plucking each other's feathers on the city streets.

I decided that this time the preparation work will be done quietly, behind the scenes, and we will come to you with the best end result we can achieve, in a good atmosphere.

You know me not from yesterday. For the past two years I have repeatedly relinquished my place and role and I have gladly done so for the sake of unity.

Neither honor nor dominion I seek. What I am asking for is to build for you the best thing possible.

The lists will close on Thursday and I hope that we will be able to present you with a product that we can all be happy with and be proud of.

סמוטריץ מסביר את שתיקתו