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The mayor of Lod, Yair Revivo, did not like the low number of residents of the city who chose to get the vaccine against COVID, and decided to place sanctions against those who decline to be vaccinated.

Residents who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 will not receive services from the municipality and will not be able to enter their children to the educational institutions in Lod.

Revivo visited the vaccine compound in the Ganei Aviv neighborhood of Lod, saying: "The Lod municipality will formulate a list of sanctions. Those who are not vaccinated will not be able to receive services from the municipality. Their children will not be able to access the education system, assistants will not be able to work. Those who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered from COVID will not be able to receive services."

Following criticism of him on Facebook, Revivo said he had to call every morning to comfort the families of the coronavirus victims and said: "There is no obligation to get vaccinated, but anyone who does not want to get vaccinated should sit at home. Everything is fine. We will not endanger the health of municipal employees by receiving an audience because of those who consciously choose not to be vaccinated."

The Lod Municipality stated that "any move, explanatory or deterrent, which could lead to the eradication of the coronavirus in Israel in general and in Lod in particular is welcome. Mayor Yair Revivo wanted to emphasize the importance of vaccines during this period when the virus continues to strike us mercilessly with a high rate of infection in the city of Lod, with an average of 100 verified and 2 deaths per day, but with only 25% vaccination, when neighboring Modi'in, for example, crossed 50%.

"The mayor's remarks were made to increase awareness, encourage vaccination, and help city residents return to routine and therefore the municipality will formulate a series of restrictions that do not contravene the law for those who do not present a green passport," they said.