Shoshana Golish and D.A.
Shoshana Golish and D.A.Border Police

A young couple, recently engaged in Israel, lived 20 minutes away from each other in the US - but only met after moving to Israel, Israel Hayom reported.

Shoshana Golish, 21, and D.A., 25, both hail from Miami, Florida, and met while serving as first sergeants with Israel's Border Police.

D., who lives in Holon, immigrated to Israel three years ago, and was sent to Michve Alon to learn Hebrew. Shoshana, who lives in Jerusalem, also immigrated to Israel three years ago in order to enlist. She studied in a pre-military academy and thereafter in Michve Alon.

Both of them dreamed of immigrating to Israel and serving on the front lines, and both of their families remain in the US. D. and Shoshana met in a course which prepares new immigrants for service in Michve Alon. Following the course, they began basic training with the Border Police, and after that, D. completed a course for undercover agents, and was stationed in Jerusalem as a Border Police officer. Shoshana was placed with the Halamish unit, at the same base.

The couple has been together for two and a half years. As soldiers, they have very little free time together, but they still manage to find time to meet. Sometimes, they meet in the field, when they are working in the same area.

A few weeks ago, D. and Shoshana decided to surprise their families, and flew to the US. Shoshana didn't know that the surprise was mostly hers: While visiting their families, D. pulled out a ring and proposed. After Shoshana agreed, their families appeared to share the joy with them. The two then returned to Israel and quarantined together, enjoying some private quality time. During their quarantine, they began planning their wedding, booking a hall, photographer, and D.J.

D. and Shoshana said that it was obvious to them both that the wedding would be in Jerusalem, the holy city where they both serve. They also said that they are planning to stay in Israel: D. has begun the process of becoming a career officer in his unit, and Shoshana has registered to begin studying law in IDC Herzliya.