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Former US President Donald Trump has hired David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor, Jr. to head the legal team for his second impeachment trial, his office announced Sunday, according to CNN.

The announcement comes a day after five known members of Trump’s impeachment defense team stepped down from their posts, days before the scheduled start of the Senate trial on February 8.

One point of friction with his previous team was Trump wanted the attorneys to focus on his claims of election fraud rather than the constitutionality of convicting a former president, CNN said.

It's unclear if Schoen and Castor will go along with what Trump wants.

"Schoen has already been working with the 45th President and other advisors to prepare for the upcoming trial, and both Schoen and Castor agree that this impeachment is unconstitutional - a fact 45 Senators voted in agreement with last week," Sunday’s release said.

The US House of Representatives impeached Trump earlier this month for "inciting insurrection” which led to the January 6 storming of the US Capitol, marking the second time he has been impeached by the House.

Last week, the Senate voted 55-45 to block a Republican effort to upend plans for Trump’s impeachment trial.

Five Republicans joined Democrats to reject a motion by Republican Senator Rand Paul that would have required the chamber to vote on whether the trial violates the US Constitution.