Orly Levy
Orly LevyHadas Parush/Flash90

Following the announcements about the prime minister's intention to include Orly Levy on the Likud list for the Knesset, the Dror forum of the Likud forum called on PM Netanyahu not to do so.

A statement from the Dror forum said, "We do not want Orly Levy on the Likud list. She does not represent us, she does not represent the Likud and she does not represent the right and its values. Levy is a dangerous burden and her place on the list could drive away Likud voters, and rightly so," they added.

According to them, "We have already called on Netanyahu to reduce the number of reserved spots and save them for those who will add significant added value. We, and many other Likud members, have no doubt that Levy is not one of them.”

The "Liberals in the Likud" group is a collective of more than 5,000 functionaries, and it was also stated that this is an electoral burden and risks votes for the Likud.

"Orly Levy is an electoral threat to the Likud. The Likud is a liberal national party, with a clear national-political worldview and a cohesive economic strategy, centered on individual freedom and a free market. Orly Levy in her political career has proven to be an ideological opponent of the liberal worldview. It is important for us to emphasize to the decision-makers that her joining the Likud could greatly jeopardize the party's ideological base and deter tens of thousands of voters.”