Until this past Tuesday, the rule in the Labor Party was that one needed to be a party member for six months in order to participate in their primaries.

The Labor Party is welcoming new blood into its ranks. When MK Merav Michaeli won leadership of the party on Sunday, she decided that in this coming Monday's election, any citizen may register for the Labor Party until 17:00 on Thursday - even without the half-year requirement.

An Anglo-Israeli figure hopes to bring her passion to serve her country to fruition through the Labor Party. Nava Katz, a councilwoman in Efrat, contends, “The pioneering spirit of the Labor Party has been refreshed. A new generation has entered the world of politics.” Katz said, “A brighter future for Israel is as much pluralism and equality as it is environmental awareness and new creative methods of educating our children.”

“Through serving on the Efrat Local Council over the past two-and-a-half years, I have become involved in many aspects of building a community and keeping it vital and secure.” This includes environmental efforts to expand the eco-friendly face Efrat.

“When we talk of the future, we share our hopes for all aspects of a better world for our children,” she said. In this direction, Katz has been working with the Shefa Department (Improvement of the Face of the City) of the municipality with the goal of making Efrat the first green city in Israel. She hopes to expand her environmental work and awareness to the country.

A campaign spokesman told Arutz Sheva: "In order to vote for Nava in the primary, you need to be a member of 'HaAvoda' party. This primary election in no way affects who you vote for in the general election in March. However, joining the party is the only way to vote in the primary."

"The cost is only 75 NIS for a year. The purpose of the primary is to decide the party’s list for the March election, and after Nava is on the party’s list, she will have a clear path to a Knesset seat. Keep in mind: the deadline to sign up for the party is Thursday at 17:00!"