Vehicle damaged during attack on officers
Vehicle damaged during attack on officersצילום: דוברות המשטרה

Four students of the Vizhnitz yeshiva have turned themselves in for questioning at the police station on Kishon Street, following an altercation on Friday night with several undercover detectives working to enforce public health guidelines.

The Vizhnitz Hasidic community emphasized that "we are law-abiding and opposed to any act of violence of any kind."

Last Thursday a group of young men from the Vizhnitz yeshiva attacked an undercover police vehicle and its occupants. In response, police stormed the city of Bnei Brak in the middle of the night, hurled flashbangs at innocent residents, and attacked passers-by and journalists.

Last night, a significant police [presence arrived at the home of one of the suspects in the attack on the detectives, but he was not at home and the officers left without incident.

Attorneys Yehuda Fried and Tal Gabay stated to Chadrei Chareidim: "This is a respected, law-abiding Hasidic community that takes the incident that took place on Thursday very seriously. The Rebbe personally condemns any violence of any kind and certainly against police officers, and therefore ordered the followers to cooperate with the investigation. We are confident that as the investigation progresses, it will become clear what our client's role is in the incident."