Former Democratic Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman told Kan 11 News that Israel must view today as the "beginning of a new chapter" in Israel-US relations.

Lieberman said that while Trump deserved credit for being a "real builder of a strong US-Israel relationship" and proving this through concrete action, Biden is "not just as a matter of politics, but inside his heart and soul and head - very pro-Israel."

He addressed concerns that Biden might make decisions that are bad for Israel. "We in United Against Nuclear Iran have been encouraging the incoming administration to move slowly. Don't feel that because Joe Biden was president under Obama that you've got to go right back into that agreement."

"That was five years ago. The world is different. Iran doesn't deserve it," Lieberman said. "They're on the ropes economically now."

"Consult with our allies. in the Middle East, Israel and the Arab nations. Try to reunite Democrats and Republicans in Congress on behalf of a policy toward Iran," he added.

He said he thought "The Biden administration will again focus on the Israeli-Palestinian track" like Obama did, "but they can't force Israel to do what it doesn't want to do."

"Hopefully they can encourage the Palestinians to do what they haven't had the courage or good judgement to do, which is to compromise, negotiate, and make peace with Israel."

Lieberman advised Israel "to observe today as the beginning of a new chapter" ending the previous chapter with the Trump administration during which "Israel's view of the American government was a very positive one," but called for Israel to "give Biden the benefit of the doubt."

"His whole record in his public service is supportive and friendly toward Israel. Work with him."