Shaptai appointed Police Commissioner
Shaptai appointed Police CommissionerPolice spokesperson

Kobi Shabtai was approved today (Sunday) as the 20th Commissioner of Police of the Israel Police, after he was selected by Minister Amir Ohana for the position and at the end of the completion of the appointment process and approval by the Israeli government, ending a two-year period in which the police did not have a permanent commissioner.

Shabtai was officially appointed to the position in a small ceremony in the presence of his family and Minister Ohana.

Ohana said at the ceremony: "After more than two years during which the Israel Police did not have a permanent commander, we are embarking today on a new path, for the benefit of the State of Israel and the Israel Police."

“There are many challenges facing you — enforcing the coronavirus guidelines, the violence in Arab society, the difficult budget year ahead of us. I have no doubt that if there is a suitable person in the police force to deal with these challenges, it is you. We will stand by your side in the struggles and congratulate you on every success,” he told Shabtai.

"In any position you have held, Kobi, you have showcased impressive out-of-the-box thinking and entrepreneurial abilities," he said.

Shabtai said at the ceremony: "I have had the privilege of leading an organization that proves its professionalism, skill and readiness for every task and challenge since its inception. An organization that is blessed with quality and dedicated human capital, who agreed to fulfill its mission. The commanders of the Israel Police, its officers, police officers and fighters, are imbued with values, dedication and morals, and operate out of a real sense of purpose."

"I take full responsibility for leading the police and providing personal security for the citizens of Israel. During my tenure, I will ensure that the Israel Police is always in a state of high operational readiness, with the values, creativity, technological efficiency, and education to identify challenges and deal with them in the most optimal manner. I am proud every morning to wear this uniform and carry the symbols of the Israel Police and the State of Israel and I am aware of the weight of the responsibility that lies at my doorstep and it is right to carry it out of a sense of faith and mission," the commissioner added.

“I intend to ensure that our police officers go back to receiving the public appreciation they so deserve," he said,