Rabbi Lau vaccinated at Ichilov hospital
Rabbi Lau vaccinated at Ichilov hospitalTPS / Eitan Elchadrez

Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council, winner of the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement and Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau tested COVID positive after 2nd vaccine dose and shows no symptoms.

Yedidya Lau, Rabbi Lau's grandson, says his grandfather tested COVID-19 positive this weekend, after receiving the second vaccination.

"Thank G-d, he feels excellent at home with no symptoms. He was infected from grandmother, the Rebbetzin, who was exposed earlier this week. Complete health for everyone with G-d's help."

Rabbi Lau was apparently infected by his wife who was tested earlier this week.

Upon receiving the vaccine, Rabbi Lau called on the entire haredi community to get vaccinated. "Everyone should come and get vaccinated - there is no fooling around in such things. Once there is this cure it should be used. We must thank everyone who gave their hand to apply this medicine to the masses of the House of Israel.

“It is a pity that one has to get jabbed to feel the brotherhood and unity of all parts of the people, all of us together. There's no difference here; Neither Right nor Left; Neither religious nor less so; Neither a Jew nor an Arab nor any other community - we've had a common enemy in these 9 months," he added.

Kan News reporter Moav Vardi responded to the news of Rabbi Lau's diagnosis and wrote: "The existing vaccine for corona should not protect against infection with the virus, but against the development of a serious disease (the vaccine has not been tested in trials to protect against infection). Thanks to the great vaccine Lau may not develop a serious illness.

"Besides, the effectiveness of the vaccine is 95%. That means 5% of vaccine recipients will not be protected from the virus."