The repulsive — almost anti-Semitic — video by Evet Liberman against the haredi public is an attempt to garner votes.

Are there any problems? Unequivocally. But this does not solve problems in the haredi public. The Lapid and Liberman attacks over the years have failed to recruit a single haredi; On the contrary — they have only slowed down their integration into the economy. The haredim are our brothers.

It is no coincidence that as soon as I became Education Minister, I abolished discrimination at the Education Ministry that deprived haredi children of the right to summer camps. Is there a problem that large parts of the haredi sector are not integrated into the Israeli economy? Yes. Unequivocally.

This is a problem that first of all affects tens of thousands of haredi families themselves. We have to take care of it. As Economy Minister, I worked extensively on the matter. Do some of the circles in haredi society behave as a kind of "state within a state"? Yes. We have all experienced this in the last year conspicuously. It must not be allowed to continue.

How do you deal with it? Not with incitement, but with common sense and fairness. In the government that I, with G-d's help, will establish, we will promote our "From Division to Integration" program that will lower the exemption age to 21 and free many in the haredi sector to acquire a quality profession at a young age.

Those who choose will continue to learn in the Beit Midrash, but all others will be able to go out and acquire a quality profession. Who opposes this initiative? The extremists on both sides: Lapid and Liberman because of populism, alongside certain extremists who want to prevent the choice of young people to go out at the age of 21 to acquire a profession.

We will take care of every citizen in Israel, along with equal enforcement for every citizen. We care about you citizens, and we know how to fix it, out of the box. One should unite, not divide.