Mike Pompeo
Mike PompeoReuters

Summarizing his term as the Secretary of State of the United States, Mikk Pompeo is contnuing to tweet his opinion on the issues that he dealt with and the US will have to continue to deal with in the near future.

Today, Pompeo related to the Chinese Communist Party, defining it as "a threat" but emphasizing that "the people of China are not".

"For 50 years, America bent its knee to China. Under the Trump Administration, no more", Pompeo wrote, "The Trump Administration ended decades of appeasement and misguided engagement policy toward the Chinese Communist Party. We can no longer ignore the political and ideological differences between the U.S. and the People's Republic of China, between freedom and tyranny".

"The Chinese Communist Party is not the same as the Chinese people", he added, "We support the aspirations of the Chinese people to live free of the CCP's authoritarian rule. I made this clear in my Nixon Library speech".

Pompeo shared a picture of former US President Obama with Chinese President Xi and wrote: "The CCP lies, and makes empty promises. We have to recognize this pattern, and enact consequences if we want to change bad behavior. Appeasement and "dialogue" for dialogue's sake won't work".