Pompeo and Netanyahu
Pompeo and NetanyahuMatty Stern/U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

With the transition to a new administration in sight, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took a moment Thursday to sum up the outgoing government's accomplishments in the Middle East.

In regards to Israel, Pompeo praised what he defines as 'Common Sense Leadership' as he listed off the many new recognitions granted over the last four years: the USA now recognizes the Golan, Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria as part of Israel, and formally supports new settlements built in those areas.

"We declared Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria are not ​per se inconsistent with international law", Pompeo wrote, "Same legal interpretation as the Reagan Administration. Important to return U.S. policy to reason and balance."

"We permitted U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem to choose “Israel” or “Jerusalem” as their birthplace in passports", he added.

Several tweets make fond and proud reference to his own time spent in the country, whether on tour as a private citizen or standing next to Prime Minister Netanyahu as Secretary of State for the USA.

"First went to Israel as a private citizen", Pompeo recalled, "Toured the Yom Kippur War battle sites with my wife Susan and son, Nick".

Pompeo ended off with some more labeling, this time the State Department's decision to label Judean and Samarian products as 'Made in Israel'. He took especial note of one winery's decision to market a new vintage in his name, ending his exposition with a cheerful "L'Chaim to Pompeo wine!"

"America has no greater friend than Israel, and the people of Israel.", he wrote, sharing a picture of President Donald Trump at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Pompeo wine by Psagot Winery
Pompeo wine by Psagot WineryHezki Baruch

Pompeo also related to Iran and posted pictures of a number of well-known Iranian leaders. "These men threaten the United States and Israel nearly every day", he wrote.

A series of tweets followed, giving a brief account of what the Secretary deemed '#CommonSenseLeadership' in designating Iran and Iranian businesses, including Mahan Air and the Revolutionary Guard, as being in league with terrorists.

"We've led the world in rejecting Iran. Send in US men and women in uniform? No need," he continued. The secretary spoke in praise of a policy of deterring Iran by use of sanctions, unapologetic labeling of supporters of terror, and precise, powerful military action against the Revolutionary Guard.

"We recognize that Iran has, since 1979, been a mob of radicals chanting 'Death to America'," he declared. "We will never allow the world's largest state sponsor of terror to freely buy and sell weapons." Pompeo went on to list the many states and nations that have followed America's lead in attempting to isolate Iran, boasting that the Iranian military budget was now 24 percent lower than it had been in previous years. Similar comments were made regarding other leaders of terror in the Middle East, including the raid against al-Bhagdai and the steps taken against chemical weapons use in Syria.

"We stand with the Iranian people. We stand with the Syrian people. We expose the lies, we deliver the aid to the people, we fight alongside them against tyranny," Pompeo added, in a tweet that was also posted in Arabic. "We have set new conditions for peace in the Middle East."