They borrowed from most successful of dictatorships.

From China's Cultural Revolution of the 1960sthey borrowed cancel culture.

The destruction of everything that was "old." Every belief and value from the beginning to this point in history was triumphantly besmirched, abused and torn down. Anyone held them was beaten, defamed and marginalized.

Any reference to a family defined as a husband and wife, father and son, brother and sister makes you an enemy of the state.

From Stalinism of the 1930's they borrowed the use of media for unanimous propaganda onslaught.

Dissent was erased. Dissidents were ostracized, fired from jobs, and eliminated from the mainstream by any means necessary.

Instead of reporting news, the media broadcast as "toxic" those with dissenting views. They justified every outrage against them while whitewashing the Communist party as epitome of wokeness.

Throughout his term, over 95% of media articles were against the American President.

From the Nazis they borrowed how not to “let a good crisis go to waste.”

Less than a month after assuming power, the House of the German legislature, the Reichstag, mysteriously was set on fire.

This “attack” was used as an excuse to “save Germany from its deplorables.”

The arson attack was blamed on Communists. The Nazis enjoyed public approval as they eliminated their political rivals by putting them in camps. They quickly followed it up by passing the Enabling Act, giving Adolph Hitler the power to make Laws by decree.

Hitler’s suppression of free voice took 60 days. His transformation of the German Republic into a Nazi dictatorship took 18 months.

Nobody in the antifa or BLM movements faced any consequences for destroying billions of dollars of property, seizing swaths of cities, and murdering police officers.

The mayors, governors, Congressmen and Senators who incited them also faced no punishment for destabilizing the Republic. Still, Republican Congressmen and Senators face censure, banishment from social media, even removal from their elected office for exercising their legal right to object to an election they believed to be less than free or fair.

From Iran, they learned to create heroes from enemies and enemies from heroes.

Persian scientists, intellects, and activists were rounded up and paraded through the streets as traitors, heretics, and enemies of the people.

They are blacklisted, banned from universities, arrested and tortured into never using their voice again. Meanwhile, terrorists, rapists, murderers and an entire class of Persian Clergy convincing the people that G-d supports these human atrocities ae branded as heroes, aloud to spew their venomous rhetoric to huge audiences.

Currently, the Ayatollah of Iran tweets to his almost 1 million followers without any warning. Jermey Corbyn uses Twitter freely to speak to his 2.4 million followers while the social media platform closes it’s eyes.

Hashtags like #AssasinateTrump and #KillIsrael appear on the social media site without any rebuttal by the “code of conduct” team.

President Donald J. Trump, a sitting president and leader of the free world has been banned from the San Francisco based platform. He has not once advocated for the injury or death of a single person.

As a result, the free world is being crushed by a new Iron Curtain.

Today’s walls of oppression are not of brick and mortar.

They are digital walls.

In this world of screens, all an immoral regime has to do to silence a man is to accuse him of a fake evil, remove his access, and exile him to the digital gulag.

David Ben Horin works as a marketing manager in a hi-tech company in Hadera and loves Israel passionately. He can be found at