Ofir Sofer
Ofir SoferYoni Kempinski

Last week I still imagined it would end differently. The conduct of the New Right and Naftali Bennett in recent days sent a clear message: Split up and everyone will go their separate ways.

There was no conduct of “partnership” and there certainly was no good faith in negotiations. In the situation that existed, there was no reason to continue the mutual blood shedding for long weeks.

My friends in the "New Right", it's okay that you chose to run alone, it's also okay that you insisted on putting aside the values ​​of religious Zionism and the ideological right, everything is fine!

Just do not drag us again into petty games of mutual accusations and of spins and repeat briefings.

You do your thing, we will do ours. With mutual respect and each for his own purposes.

Religious Zionism, starting today you have a home. Uncompromising, with values, with a clear path.