David Friedman
David FriedmanREUTERS

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman appeared to hint at a possible second bid by President Donald Trump for the White House, amid reports the president is planning to run in 2024.

During an interview with The New York Times published Sunday, Friedman alluded to the possibility of returning to serve a future administration as ambassador four years from now, saying that he will remain a US citizen only – and not seek Israeli citizenship – for at least four years.

“I’m going to stay American-only for at least four years,” he said. “I want to give myself every opportunity to return to government.”

Friedman’s daughter, Talia, immigrated to Israel in the summer of 2017.

Last month, reports circulated that President Trump is planning to run in 2024, and could announce his bid as early as January 20th, coinciding with Joe Biden’s inauguration.

During the interview published Sunday, Friedman also lamented that the incoming Biden administration would likely return to a “more internationally accepted view” of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, and feared that the framework for peace offered in the Trump Middle East peace plan could be abandoned, despite the recent string of normalization deals reached between Israel and moderate Arab states.

“Why would you throw that out?” said Friedman.