Gantz instructs party colleagues
Gantz instructs party colleaguesFlash 90

Blue and White chairman and Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday dismissed reports that he was considering running in the election together with Ron Huldai or Naftali Bennett.

In an interview with Channel 12 News, Gantz said that "these are myths that do not exist - just because you talk to someone does not mean there is an alliance.”

Gantz said he is unfazed by the polls, which predict that Blue and White will win a single-digit number of seats and perhaps even come close to not passing the electoral threshold. "I lead Blue and White - and I will continue to lead Blue and White. My votes will not be wasted - Blue and White will continue to grow. I am continuing to run because I have a commitment to the citizens of the State of Israel to remove Netanyahu from the Prime Minister's residence."

Gantz was also asked about his statement against his former partner, Yair Lapid, whom he said “hates people” in an interview last week. He refused to take the remarks back, saying, "I experienced it myself. I am sorry that Lapid was hurt by this."

"I acted honestly and others acted deceitfully," continued Gantz. "When I said I would not sit with Netanyahu, the situation was different - there was no coronavirus and there was no carousel of three lockdowns. I went to this government not because I love Netanyahu, but because I love Israel."