parents of Ahuvya Sandak
parents of Ahuvya SandakArutz Sheva

Avraham and Ayelet Sandak, the parents of Ahuvya, who was killed during a police pursuit of the vehicle in which he was riding, spoke to Arutz Sheva tonight after the press conference held by their attorneys.

Abraham said, "Our son loved Israel with all his heart and soul, with every fiber of his body. We feel that the tragedy we suffered brings out in us that feeling that was immured within him and that flows through all of us. Indeed, that love was one of his most cherished ideals, and in every community we can we try to find the strength to show it in some way: giving a lecture on the topic, perhaps, or erecting a gazebo or observatory outside the town so that we should not, G-d forbid, imagine that we are restricted to the city limits."

"I suggest, as a practical and fitting means of remembering Ahuvya, that the community build something - something permanent, that will be built again even if the town itself is demolished, something that will involve both adults and children alike, something that will be a spiritual symbol for all of us."

Ayelet thanked the residents of Bat Ayin, Gush Etzion and the public in general for the outpouring of sympathy they have received. "Thank you to all the people who support us, who make their voices heard, who protest online with not a moment's rest, who draft one song or project after another. We are grateful for all of your support; our voices are dead in our throats after this horrific incident, but you have taken it upon yourselves to speak for us. You are the heroes in the most difficult of struggles."