Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the head of the public health services division of Israel's Health Ministry, spoke to Arutz Sheva about Israel’s coronavirus vaccination operation, describing it as “amazing”.

“It’s a cooperation between our health maintenance organizations, our hospitals and Ministry of Health, and it’s really based on the fact that we have a really strong health care system. It’s not just hospitals. It’s really a system where everything is connected and it’s even computerized, so we can get all the data and we can track everything and we work together very well. So I think this is the reason why we’re being so successful in this vaccination campaign,” she said.

“This is the perfect place to provide vaccinations to. We have a system that can actually give 150,000 vaccines per day. That’s incredible. I don’t see any other country that is able to come up with such an operation in such a short time,” continued Dr. Alroy-Preis.

Asked about the recent rise in cases of COVID-19, she said she believes it is a result of Israel opening up too quickly after the second lockdown combined with “coronavirus fatigue” among the Israeli public. These things, together with the new British variant which is contributing to the high spread of the virus, led Israel to where it is today.

“It is hard [to initiate a third lockdown],” acknowledged Dr. Alroy-Preis. “We can suggest what needs to be taken from our standpoint, and obviously the Cabinet decides based on broad considerations, but I think we’ve gotten to the point where there is a high cost in life. So, in our opinion, this is the time to really go into a lockdown that will be effective, and when we go out of the lockdown, we’ll be in a better place where more people are vaccinated. Then we can go the next phase of this pandemic, which would be living besides the coronavirus but living sort of a normal life. But this is not where we are right now.”