Benny Gantz
Benny GantzElad Malka

Blue and white chairman Benny Gantz delivered a statement to the media Tuesday evening during which he sharply attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"We laid on the fence and we paid a heavy price for it. We knew who Netanyahu was before we entered the government, there was not a single day in the government where he really saw us as partners," Gantz said, claiming that the Blue and White party had "saved the country" from Netanyahu.

Gantz replied to his critics, "To all the cowards and whiners, while you were tweeting and typing, I stopped the courts from closing and protected your right to demonstrate. While you were giving tips from the stands, I put the defense system in charge of the corona crisis, I increased the array of tests. While you were doing political calculations, I was only doing it for you."

"The unnecessary elections that Netanyahu in his arrogance dragged us to are the last thing the people of Israel need. The end of Netanyahu's political path will be a great achievement," he added.

"I did not believe Netanyahu, but I was willing to cooperate with him for the good of the state," Gantz claimed. "On the other hand, he chose the path of deception, not respecting agreements while abandoning the livelihood of millions. We will continue to safeguard the government from the inside until the election, and afterwards there will be an alliance and partnership."

"In the next election there will be one party which will lose and many parties which will win and the alliance between them will form the government. Whoever wants to leave is welcome to do so. The door is open. Here we will remain as a cohesive group."