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The AFP reported that prominent Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul was sentenced to a five year, eight months jail term on charges of terrorism-related crimes, according to local media reports.

A pro-regime media outlet claimed al-Hathloul was convicted of "various activities prohibited by the anti-terrorism law."

AFP said Hathloul, 31, was arrested in 2018 prior to the lifting of a Saudi ban on allowing women to drive. Hathloul and a number of other activists had been active in the campaign to override the law.

The activist was tried at the Saudi anti-terrorism court, allegedly used to silence critics of the regime.

Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan told AFP that Hathloul was accused of providing classified information to "unfriendly" states. Hathloul's family denied such charges.

The US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has demanded the activist's "immediate and unconditional release."

"She was being woken up by the guards every two hours, day and night, as a brutal tactic to break her," Amnesty International alleged last month quoting testimony provided by Hathloul's family members. Hathloul declared a hunger strike on October 26, demanding regular contact with her family, but felt obliged to put an end to it two weeks later, according to reports.