vaccineצילום: ISTOC

The Conference of European Rabbis (CER) issued a notice to the Jewish communities of Europe Monday calling on them to receive the vaccine for the coronavirus if their doctors recommend the vaccine

"With the grace of Hashem, we are hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the production and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, which we hope will cease the spread of the coronavirus that has taken many casualties and altered our lives and running of our Synagogues," the CER stated

"We are hereby informing all our Associates to strictly follow their physicians’ advice, and if upon evaluation the advice is to inoculate, one should do so without hesitation with the vaccine that is available in their locale.

"It is our fervent prayer and wish that Hashem removes all illness and disease from amongst us as it says in the pasuk ''כל המחלה אשר שמתי במצרים לא אשים עליך'' ["all of the plagues which I inflicted on Egypt I will not inflict on you" Exodus 15 26] and we continue the services in our Synagogues undeterred."