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Class struggle, in the mind of Karl Marx, mobilised history. Mostly he was wrong. Today he’d be completely right, except for getting the contenders wrong. Labour is not struggling against Capital. Non-elites are in a struggle with elites.

In October of our Covid year the Economist came up with a catchy headline. Can too many brainy people be a dangerous thing? They can, said the article, and they are. Forget the irony that it took a brainy scientist to see that brainy people pose a threat. Ten years ago at the University of Connecticut a Peter Turchin in Nature magazine predicted that ‘The next decade is likely to be a period of instability in the United States and Europe.”

More than for prescience he got a name for picking the unlikely cause: an “overproduction of graduates with advanced degrees.” By that Turchin meant too few prestigious jobs for too many educated people. Today some 30% of British graduates are overeducated for the jobs they are in. Every year America produces 25,000 surplus lawyers.

Going back to ancient Rome and Imperial China, he, Turchin traced a 50-year cycle of instability blamed on – here Karl Marx can take a bow – class struggle. “The lurches from calm to chaos are most likely when the rewards of being at the top are lucrative in terms of earning power and political power.” Those who miss out feel the loss keenly. Ever more hopeful elites, as entry to college gets easier, vie for prestigious jobs – a recipe for political chaos. Ambitious, scrambling for the bucks and prime time, they make trouble. The end of it is, order breaks down.

Here, I suggest, the prophet of Connecticut and the Economist of London grow coy. They are leftists, as are the trouble making elite. How to call them out? They simply can’t. The Economist reverts to near anonymity. It populates the block of elites who have a score to settle with a single movement: BLM. Do all discontents stop at bending the knee and toppling statues? What of the burners and looters and killers? Where to fit Antifa in the struggle? Elite or non-elite?

Surely there are brainy people more dangerous than BLM or the Antifa rabble, threats to democracy, to life as we know it. Turchin the prophet, God bless his brain, seems to end with non-disclosure.

But where ought he start? Surely at the pinnacle not the cesspool. In Silicon Valley the elite are not fighting for lucrative jobs. They’re in them. In Silicon earnings and political power are more than a brainy person could abuse in five lifetimes. Yet they are liberty-snatchers on a Kremlin scale. It’s the Silicon types, and the deep Washington swamp, that threaten life as we know it.

Close to the 2020 election young Jack took it on himself to lock accounts posting links to the New York Post story on Biden’s crime family, the biggest in Washington. His plot to protect Biden was not election rigging?
In Twitter and Facebook aggressive elites work at doing that, sorting content they find ‘objectionable’ or ‘dangerous’; policing political speech; cracking down on ‘misinformation’ about election rigging and lockdown orders. Google’s James Damore exposed the search giant as an “ideological echo chamber” .

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addedwarning notices to Trump tweets about Covid. Facebook deleted Trump’s opinions. YouTube squashed his campaign ads.

And Twitter again. It landed hard on a story in one of America’s oldest papers. Close to the 2020 election young Jack took it on himself to lock accounts posting links to the New York Poststory on Biden’s crime family, the biggest in Washington. His plot to protect Biden was not election rigging?

Yet the elites who take all of this and more on themselves are kids in terms of life skills, knowledge and wisdom. The arbiters of what is not fit for our sight and hearing are baby faced and freckled. And our post-modern minds, bombarded silly by the media and distracted like babies by smart phones, think nothing of it. Leave it to elites. Allow CNN and the New York Times and the rest, allow even madcap professors, to do our thinking.

How many took off minutes to think it through? Which had the greater chance? That the elections were rigged or that they were clean? Which of the two is more probable? So consider. In violation of longstanding norms, Democrats refused to accept Donald Trump’s 2016 election as a legitimate one. They took to calling themselves "the Resistance," as if the Trump administration was equivalent to the pro-Hitler Vichy regime in France. Repeatedly Democrat leaders Hillary Clinton, Jerrold Nadler, Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter called Trump an "illegitimate" president. For three years Democrats, to nail the ‘imposter’ stuck with Russian collusion, a hoax according to their own Mueller report.

Then consider: if Trump was illegitimate and Democrats were resistance fighters, fighting to overturn his 2016 election, they’d allow a clean election? They’d give Trump a fair chance of winning a second term? The logic is beyond ridiculous. Yet we the incapacitated, the dumb struck, accept that Biden won the 2020 contest fair and square.

And from Washington and the deep swamp; from scientists and governors and mayors in the cult who tell grownups to do what they’re told, go forth dictats: who shall stay in business and keep their jobs, and who shall become dependent on government handout. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi Let Millions Suffer To Win An Election.

Nothing divides the elite from the non-elite more than the big Cs, Covid and Climate. Questioning Covid protocols makes you a ‘Science Denier’. You’re a cancelled kook to ask for hard evidence that the world will come to an end in 2030 or 2050 unless we go green. Elites don’t debate. They defer to ‘’Science’ or to ‘Experts’. Their catch phrase, ‘follow the science’ means follow the prognoses of scientists that coincide with what elites want to get us to do. Warlike lockdowns can be levers for suppression. And for winning back the White House. The crux of the Biden campaign was to beat Trump with the stick of Covid denial.

No elite channel covered the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by 795 public health scientists from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, and by some 23,000 medical practitioners. The subservient, for their own safety, must not be exposed to a different prognosis, whether right or wrong. Lockdowns may benefit bu tmay also cause irreparable harm. Nor would it do much for people sticking to lockdown orders if they were exposed to WHO reversing its position , declaring that lockdowns had achieved little but poverty and misery.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre...invesedt $30m in ‘voter registration and mobilization efforts’. Take away the Orwellian wording, it means paying for the fraudulent mail-in ballots that helped Biden leapfrog Trump...
The license to abuse non-elites is limitless. It allows elites to interbreed science with ideology and give birth to a hybrid: a pandemic named racism. It gives elite rabble rousers the license to not mask up when they mass on the streets. Catholic mass goers are not so lucky. Worshipping the wrong god condemns you to the nether world of the non-elite. Ask the Jewish bearded in black of New York. To a fault the religious cannot make the grade for elite status.

Somewhere, in all of this, is found the ugly record of the pollsters, why, twice over, pollsters did not see Trump in the reckoning. The ‘coy’ voter factor they call it. Coy is the elite’s soft-pedaling for ‘too scared to lose family, friends, business and job to disclose an intention to vote for Trump. Consider the irony. The cancel cult was too effective. It hobbled its polling arm for doing a proper job. Pollsters weren’t able to warn elites that Trump was breathing down Clinton’s or Biden’s back.

Truth holds the key. Elite power stands or falls on being in charge of it. Lenin, Stalin and the Kremlin crowd were sharp wits. They grasped that whoever defines Truth defines power. The Soviet organ Pravda meant Truth. America’s formulators and keepers of truth go to work on molding soft minds, from kindergarten to college. Whites are systemically racist; blacks are systemically victims; gender is systemically fluid; the Founding Fathers were systemically slavers; police systemically mean to kill blacks; men systemically tread on women; Trump is systemically the devil; Trump supporters (half the electorate) are systemically deplorable; the law is systemically biased.

A professor at Stanford coined the term ‘Poetic truth.’ Poetic because elites need certain things to be true. It confers power. Political strength and cash go with poetic truth like a horse and carriage. Systemic racism gets BLM blanket prime time. According to The New York Times, one online petition alone brought in $5 million, more than BLM spent in one entire year.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre exploited poetic truth well enough to invest $30m in ‘voter registration and mobilization efforts’. Take away the Orwellian wording, it means paying for the fraudulent mail-in ballots that helped Biden leapfrog Trump..

Life as we know it hangs on this unknown: do non-elites have the will to struggle on to the finish?

Great. One thing missing, my bio:

Steve Apfel is an economist and costing specialist, but most of all a prolific author of non-fiction and fiction, published in many journals and sites. His books include: ‘The Paymaster’ (Fiction); Hadrian’s Echo (Non-fiction); ‘A bias thicker than faith’ (non-fiction, under negotiation), and ‘Balaam’s curse’ a biblical novel in progress. His blog, ‘Enemies of Zion’ contains his latest works.