King Mohammed VI of Morocco
King Mohammed VI of MoroccoReuters

The Conference of European Rabbis praised the decision of the Moroccan government to normalize relations with the State of Israel.

“It is with great joy that the members of the Conference of European Rabbis read the press release from the Royal Palace in which His Majesty Mohammed VI announced that Morocco would ‘resume official contacts [...] and diplomatic relations as soon as possible’ with the State of Israel," the CER said in a statement Tuesday.

“The Conference of European Rabbis hopes that this resumption of diplomatic relations marks the beginning of a fruitful relationship between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco. We see this resumption of diplomatic relations as a major step forward for peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

“The Conference of European Rabbis salutes the political courage of His Majesty Mohammed VI, who through his permanent and continuous action has always favored dialogue between Jews and Muslims.

“The history of the Jews of Morocco is a unique and particular history in the chessboard of Arab countries. The Kings of Morocco have always protected Jewish communities and allowed their development and influence. Although the majority of Jews no longer live in Morocco today, Morocco is still present in their hearts and memories.

“It was under the leadership of His Majesty Mohammed VI and thanks to his spirit of tolerance and openness that Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and urban areas where the Jewish community once lived have been renovated.

“It was also under royal impetus that a school reform defined by some as ‘a tsunami’ was launched in Morocco, which included the history and culture of the Jewish community in school curricula. It is only by educating the younger generations that all forms of racism and anti-Semitism can be tackled."